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 Incarsolutions THE place for all your automotive requirements. We are specialists in automotive security and in car entertainment, modifications from start to finish. From a service, performance air filter, track day preparation to building a full show car.

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Vehicle theft unfortunately can affect us all. We believe, "It won't happen to me" but unfortunately it all too often can. And  when it does, you not only lose your vehicle for an indefinite period, you may never see it again. You stand the risk of losing the vehicle contents, your no-claims bonus... and your means of getting about - whether for business or pleasure. As well as the emotional upset, it can have a deeply damaging effect on your finances.
Vehicle crime accounts for about a fifth of all crime and costs the country at least £3.5 billion a year. Here are a few car theft statistics:

  • There were more than 300,000 reported cases of 'theft-of' vehicles and 650,000 reported cases of 'theft-from' vehicles in 2002/2003.
  • Cars more than five years old are now at greatest risk of being stolen.
  • The true scale of 'theft-from' offences is much higher than the recorded rate. The British Crime Survey estimates around 1.8 million offences per year (three times the recorded rate).

Current TrendsEvery 20 seconds a motor vehicle is stolen in Europe, a statistic which is showing no significant reduction.

For years Directed (Clifford) has been at the forefront of protecting vehicles and their contents with highly innovative products, substantial expenditure on research and development, leading-edge design and manufacturing techniques. Our experience in the vehicle security industry is unsurpassed.

Vehicle crime costs over £3 billion a year, not to mention the distress and inconvenience caused.
Our aim is to empower drivers and the wider community with information about how to work together to bring vehicle crime down and to have the means to take very real and practical steps to prevent theft of and from vehicles



Coupled together with the best products from the best manufacturers and it's installation engineers, Incarsolutions can design, fabricate and install the right system for you, no matter your vehicle or budget.

From entry level systems to full competition specification installs, Incarsolutions has the skills to make your dreams come true.

With a MDF fabrication facilities we can produce custom speaker pods, door cards, false floors, sub boxes and fascia panels, all of which can be finished in fabric, alcantara, and leather or painted for a colourful finish.

 Specialist in Factory fit integration, here at Incarsolutions keep your vehicle appearing factory with the benefits of an aftermarket sysytem. Popular choices for these systems are the addition of amps and subwoofers, along with speaker upgrades

We can even run your i-Pod® from your factory audio sytem. From the simplicity of the Gateway 100 Kit and through to sophisticated modules of the Gateway 500, there are numerous options to integrate your i-Pod® into the vehicles factory fitted stereo. If you want to replace your stereo and gain full speed, direct i-Pod® control, then we have a number of options available in both single and double-din size, to fit virtually every car today.


                      Driver aids


We all know that it is now illegal to hold and use a mobile or cell phone while the engine of your car is running - and really it's best not to use a phone in your car at all, but there are times when you need to, so a Blue Tooth hands-free device is necessary. We deal with the leading brands, iO, Parrot and Bury.

From a portable bluetooth kit with built-in speaker and microphone, which will clip onto your sun visor (ideal if you drive more than one vehicle), to a fully integrated system, using your cars existing speakers. 


Parking sensors.

We stock a range of front and rear parking sensors to suit all budgets and vehicles. We also offer a full colour coding option to make the sensors look like they have come from the factory with them already fitted. Reversing cameras can be a vital safety system (especially on larger vehicles with a restricted view) and an addition for all vehicles with or without parking sensors. 

Window tinting

Car window tinting is fast becoming a preferred option as drivers are increasingly aware of the vast benifits that are associated with privacy glass.

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